Resource conservation with BIM and prefabrication

In planning, CG Elementum has been using Building Information Modeling (BIM) for years. This digital platform brings together all planning steps and construction participants, making every development in the construction process transparent and more efficient.

This avoids the overproduction of materials, incorrect deliveries to the construction site and unnecessary waste. The linking of BIM with prefabrication, i.e. with the industrial prefabrication of components, also has further advantages: Direct digital control and monitoring can save further materials.

In addition to the economic advantages of prefabrication, such as the reduction of both construction time and costs, there are also ecological advantages from the serial prefabrication of raw walls and raw ceilings: compared to the conventional on-site manufacturing, CO2 emissions in construction can be reduced by 50 percent. This reduction is made possible by a 50 percent saving on steel reinforcement, a 20 percent saving on concrete, and a reduction in the amount of cement used in the factory.

At the EMC I precast plant we initiated, around 40 percent recycled material can already be used in the production of the walls. At our planned 2nd generation precast plant, EMC II, this will be around 60 percent.