30. June 2022

CG Elementum brings quarterback into project as partner at Greenville

In the development of the former military site Areal C in Karlsruhe into the urban and green mixed-use area Greenville, Quarterback Immobilien AG acquired two building plots from CG Elementum AG in order to realize them in accordance with the agreements with the city of Karlsruhe after the creation of building rights.

A total of over 800 apartments will be built in Karlsruhe’s Nordstadt district, as well as commercial space, offices and creative spaces. 

The Chief Development Officer of CG Elementum AG Ulf Graichen said, “We are currently coordinating the urban land use planning with the city of Karlsruhe and hope to obtain building rights at the end of 2022. For the subsequent realization of such a large area, the addition of partners is customary and I am pleased that we have been able to win Quarterback Immobilien AG, a truly renowned and efficient company, for two of the construction sites. For the phase of creating building rights, the contacts for the city of Karlsruhe will remain the same as before.” 

Author: Adrian Campean

Martina Serwene

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