18. April 2023

CG Elementum AG: EARTH DAY 2023 – Own energy management for sustainable building and living

The real estate company CG Elementum AG, which operates nationwide and specializes in digitalized, sustainable construction, is committed to World Earth Day, which takes place on April 22, 2023, under the motto "Live greener - live in harmony with nature."

Since its foundation, the group of companies around the Gröner Group AG has pleaded for a better interaction with nature and focuses on climate-friendly construction and resource-saving real estate management. With the product ecobuilding the realization of a nearly CO2-neutral operation of buildings and quarters is implemented. To this end, in-house divisions for energy management and innovative renewable energy technologies have been set up – a forward-looking, completely new approach within the industry.

“The idea of establishing separate specialist departments that deal exclusively with the design and implementation of sustainable energy solutions for our quarters goes back to our visionary founder Christoph Gröner,” explains Ulf Graichen, CEO and CDO of CG Elementum. Marcus Zischg, member of the Management Board of CG Elementum and responsible for technology, innovation/digitization, prefabrication, research and sustainability, adds: “The company’s own companies CG Green Tec GmbH and CG Energiemanagement GmbH, which currently employ around 25 people, are an important building block for building our ecobuildings and operating them in a virtually climate-friendly manner. Each project site is individually evaluated by us in order to create an optimal energy design. We don’t just celebrate an Earth Day: climate-friendly building is our day-to-day business!”

The two companies’ broad range of tasks includes the key issues of heating, cooling and power supply for residential and commercial quarters. They develop targeted and technology-open strategies for the virtually CO2-neutral and affordable management of modern living spaces through the use of ecological energy sources, state-of-the-art technologies and digital control.

The Cologneo Campus project in Cologne-Mülheim, for example, is an excellent example of the efficient and practical use of a precisely tailored energy design: Here, on the former site of the global corporation Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz, an attractive, forward-looking quarter for work, living, commerce and creative industries is being built. In the North Office Building alone, seventeen geothermal probes of 100 meters each have already been installed in 2021 for the future supply of regenerative energies. The next step here will be the installation of the photovoltaic system with a green roof and 382 solar panels. In total, the quarter is expected to save 86 percent of CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energies after completion. Through an additional purchase of “green-certified” electricity, the annual CO2 emissions can be reduced by 100%.


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