7. December 2022

CG Elementum AG sponsors “Championat von Leipzig”

CG Elementum AG, a nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate, will once again support the prestigious international equestrian event with PARTNER PFERD in January 2023.

19 – 22 January 2023 in Leipzig: CG Elementum supports PARTNER PFERD

“Leipzig as a venue offers the optimal setting for such a top-class event”, affirms Ulf Graichen, CEO of CG Elementum AG and adds “Leipzig is the starting point of our company and most of our employees and projects still gather here. That’s why we are particularly excited about the “Championat von Leipzig” competition we are organizing. The jumping competition with jump-off is the second most important jumping competition of the event. It will take place on the afternoon of January 21, 2023 at the Leipzig Exhibition Center and will also be shown internationally on TV.

PARTNER PFERD and CG Elementum AG each look back on long traditions. While the trade fair with integrated equestrian events will take place for the 25th time in 2023, CG Elementum has more than 25 years of expertise in the real estate sector. For the company, tradition is an elementary part of its self-image. The revitalization of brownfield sites in particular is often about preserving old building fabric. Whether old or new buildings: At CG Elementum, sustainable energy concepts and green technology are standard.

Since 2007, CG Elementum has been developing and refurbishing modern and sustainable new and old buildings for residential and commercial space as well as spaces for art and culture in the Plagwitzer Höfe, for example. Here, self-sufficient power and heat generation by means of a combined heat and power plant (H2-ready) is planned. The Plagwitzer Höfe will be one of the first neighborhoods in Germany to use hydrogen, applying the so-called methane electrolysis process to generate electricity and heat. The goal is to supply more than 50,000 square meters of building space and additionally provide electricity for electric cars. Efficient energy use through the use of modern building services, control technology and ecological building materials is also an important part of the overall concept.

The Plagwitzer Höfe are located around three kilometers west of Leipzig city center in the urban district of Plagwitz, which has become a trendy neighborhood in Leipzig in recent years.

Pictures: © Johanna Milse

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