21. June 2022

City of Wendlingen gives green light for OTTO Quarter and adopts resolution on statutes

The nationwide operating real estate developer CG Elementum AG has reached an important milestone for the revitalization and new development of the OTTO-Quartier: On May 31, the municipal council of the city of Wendlingen passed the resolution on the development plan.

The decision has now been officially announced and thus comes into force. This means that building applications can now be submitted for the approximately 10-hectare site with listed industrial buildings. 

For the OTTO Quarter, which will also be an IBA network project within the International Building Exhibition 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (IBA’27), sustainability and future viability are at the heart of the planning, as they are for all CG Elementum projects. The existing buildings are not only to be ecologically revitalized, but also supplemented by new buildings that will still meet the demands of urban and climate-friendly living decades from now. The energy concept includes a central energy, water and mobility infrastructure. 

At around 96,000 m², a large part of the total floor area of around 131,000 m² being created is earmarked for commercial use. A colorful mix of fitness, gastronomy, services, office, shopping opportunities, small-scale production, culture and hotel business are to contribute to the creation of a lively, cross-generational and community-oriented urban district. Green zones, cafés and playgrounds are also intended to give the quarter a campus character and ensure a high quality of stay. In addition to the commercial areas, around 30,000 m² of residential space can be created, including both high-quality apartments and subsidized housing. In addition, approximately 12,000m² of floor space is planned for a parking garage. 

“I am very pleased with the decision of the municipality, and thank the team in the city administration for the constructive and reliable cooperation. Now we can take the next steps in the OTTO Quarter. This includes in particular the implementation of our climate-friendly energy concept,” says George Moutoulis, branch manager of CG Elementum for the Stuttgart and Munich sites. Using proven and innovative technologies, CG Elementum creates an individual energy design for each location. George Moutoulis says, “For the Wendlingen site, we’re relying on a wide range of GreenTech to create a nearly CO2-neutral neighborhood.” The use of geothermal energy will be a key component here. Heat pumps, PV systems and wastewater heat exchangers as well as resource-saving building materials and innovative building envelopes round off the energy concept. 

After completion of the preliminary work, construction work is expected to start on the first construction phase in early 2023.

Martina Serwene
T +49 30 7675948 1269
E: presse@cg-elementum.de