8. October 2021

Interdisciplinary and forward-thinking

In spite of automated processes, construction specialists and those in the skilled trades are anything but superfluous. In fact, the industry has long suffered from a shortage of new workers. That is why Christoph Gröner already started many years ago to draw up plans for an in-house training facility: the innovation centre in Leipzig.

The site on Riesaer Strasse centres around a novel concept and is due to be completed by March 2022. It will then unite the Gröner Group’s full panoply of trades and professions under one roof ‒ in the Mansfeld Hallen, as the innovation centre will also be known. This will boost direct knowledge transfer and, in turn, unleash enormous development potential. Prefabrication is elemental to this. The site will not just encompass offices and different workshops for the traditional skilled trades. There will also be shop floors for serial production of wall and floor coverings, for instance. And plans are in the pipeline to expand the use of prefabrication in the future to include parquet flooring and ventilation shafts. 

The innovation centre will also fulfil another important function. It will serve as a training facility for employees who wish to train in a traditional trade or prefabrication, or use the teaching workshops to build on their existing skills. There will be capacity for 42 trainees at a time, including apartments to accommodate them. Teaching rooms will be used to cover specialist areas as well as subjects like social studies. Language courses will also be available if required. 

Ulf Graichen; CDO of the CG Elementum AG and Head of Central German Locations

Capable and reliable employees are fundamental to our company. It’s why we have always championed their professional development and worked hard for their loyalty. The shortage of skilled labour is a problem everywhere, but particularly in the skilled trades. This has inspired us to go even further than before and think on a more international scale, not least to give us a competitive edge. 

Out of this has come the exceptional idea of creating an innovation centre. It will be a place for us to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to the benefit of our construction and innovation projects. A place to assimilate all areas of technical expertise in an open exchange of experience. And a place to train in new areas as well as refresh and expand existing knowledge in order to meet the full range of requirements. For example, we will familiarise our employees from abroad with German material and execution standards, among others.  

There will also be an additional focus on training our construction team in installing prefabricated components. All of this will create in the Mansfeld Hallen a constructive arena that will equip us very well for the future. 

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