1. December 2022

More sustainability in the Plagwitzer Höfe – First air filter steles handed over in Leipzig

Air quality is an important issue, especially in urban cores. As a start of the joint pilot project of Green City Solutions GmbH and the nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG, the handover of two digital advertising steles with integrated moss air filter took place today in the west of Leipzig, which is characterized by industrial culture.

The stelae are being used for the first time in outdoor landscaping, thereby ensuring a better urban climate and thus complementing the sustainability concept of CG Elementum’s large-scale Plagwitzer Höfe neighborhood.

The stelae with integrated CO2/air particle filter made of moss compensate up to 91 kg CO2 per stele annually and reduce fine dust by up to 82%. They also humidify and cool the environment by up to 4 degrees Celsius. Especially in hot summers, this helps improve the climate and increase the overall feel-good factor. In addition to the 75-inch screen, the digital advertising media have hexagonal benches and thus also function as resting and meeting points in the neighborhood.

Ulf Graichen, CEO and CDO of CG Elementum, said at the handover: “For us, sustainability also means rethinking neighborhood development. For us, the focus is on the holistic development of modern neighborhoods that help to improve the carbon footprint through the use of green technology. At the same time, they should be places where people feel completely at home. With CityBreeze, we have today added a building block in the further development of the Plagwitzer Höfe that has a positive impact on the climate.”

Peter Sänger, founder and CEO of Green City Solutions, was also pleased about the collaboration: “With the installation of our CityBreeze in the outdoor landscaping of the Plagwitzer Höfe, we are moving forward in our mission to provide clean and fresh air in big cities. Once all CityBreeze are in operation, the air of the entire neighborhood will be completely purified up to a height of 2 meters every day.”

As part of the pilot project, a total of ten CityBreeze steles are to be installed in the Plagwitzer Höfe by the end of 2024. After the test phase, CityBreeze has the potential to be integrated in other CG Elementum neighborhoods to become a sustainable component in the real estate developer’s projects.

Since 2007, CG Elementum has been developing and redeveloping modern and sustainable new and old buildings for residential and commercial space as well as spaces for art and culture in interconnected areas in the Plagwitzer Höfe. The Plagwitzer Höfe, about three kilometers west of Leipzig’s city center, are located in the urban district of Plagwitz, which has become a trendy neighborhood in Leipzig in recent years. The Plagwitzer Höfe are among the historic commercial courtyards in the Plagwitz district and have contributed significantly to this positive trend with their revitalization and further development.


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