28. March 2023

Leipzig: CG Elementum AG welcomes The Porter as a new tenant in Plagwitzer Höfe

The nationwide real estate company CG Elementum, which specialises in digital and sustainable construction, welcomes The Porter as a new tenant for the A30 building on the Plagwitzer Höfe site in Leipzig. The Porter develops and operates networked places for temporary living, flexible working and cultural exchange.

Ulf Graichen, CEO/CDO of CG Elementum AG, is aware of the advantages of the cooperation for the quarter and the neighbourhood: “We at CG Elementum see meaningful synergies in the cooperation with The Porter, especially for the location. The A30 at Engertstraße 31 is a building with an eventful history. Here, refurbished and modernised historic building fabric will be combined with contemporary use in the future: The Porter will offer added value for local users and the surrounding area with its hospitality and community concept, just as we want to achieve an impact for sustainable building with ecobuilding.”

A core competence of CG Elementum is the reduction of CO2 emissions in the real estate sector, which is achieved, among other things, through the conversion of historic industrial sites into residential and commercial space using ecobuilding. The ecobuilding product stands for ecological, economical and digitally planned real estate that is ESG-compliant and particularly durable.

Martin Egner, founder and managing director of The Porter, adds: “We are delighted to become part of the Plagwitzer Höfe with The Porter Leipzig-Spinnerei and to be able to contribute to the further attractiveness of this creative quarter with our open concept around flexible living and working. Plagwitz has seen an extremely positive development in recent years and we at The Porter find ourselves in it.”

The first location of The Porter is scheduled to open in December 2023. Further properties by The Porter in European metropolises are already being planned.

The Plagwitzer Höfe:

Only about three kilometres west of Leipzig’s city centre is the urban district of Plagwitz, which has become the trendy quarter in Leipzig in recent years. The Plagwitzer Höfe are among the historic commercial courtyards in the Plagwitz district and have contributed significantly to this development. Since 2007, CG Elementum has been developing and redeveloping modern and sustainable new and old buildings for residential and commercial space as well as spaces for art and culture in interconnected areas here.

CG Elementum focused on a sustainable energy supply with renewable energies in the quarter at an early stage and realised Leipzig’s largest photovoltaic system there. In Quartier A, where the future location of The Porter Group is located, an innovative energy concept with almost CO2-neutral hydrogen technology will also be built this year, which is unique so far. The special feature of this is the coupling of a hydrogen-compatible combined heat and power plant (the so-called BHKW H2-ready) with a methane electrolysis plant. Charging infrastructure for e-mobility rounds off the energy design, with which active and practical climate protection is pursued.


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