2. July 2021

Turning laps for a good cause

For the 2nd time the Charity Race was hosted by Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V., short WKK. Between touching speeches, social reflection and admiring eyes of attending car lovers an incredible 400.000 Euro came together for the good cause!

Many committed entrepreneurs took part and stepped on the gas for this unbelievable sum, which even exceeded the result from the previous year by 100,000 euros!

Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V. is an umbrella organization that promotes equal opportunities for children and youths throughout Germany. The board of WKK is made up of Dr. Rüdiger Grube and Christoph Gröner, who founded the association together with other motivated personalities from the fields of business, law and medicine. The WKK would like to offer entrepreneurs a platform to support young people. As a proud main sponsor of the event and of the association Wirtschaft kann Kinder, we are hopeful to be able to improve opportunities for the youth in Germany.

With the common goal of creating better prospects in the everyday lives of socially disadvantaged children and young people, all the attending supporters showed what it means to actively take responsibility. Participants in the Charity Race event were able to drive laps in various Porsche vehicles on Porsche’s own race track in Leipzig and make donations in the process.

One hundred percent of the impressive sum donated goes to charitable organizations, associations and foundations that work in various ways to give disadvantaged children and young adults the chance of a fair life. This year, WKK’s donation supports the Off Road Kids Stiftung, the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V. with their project “Frag OSKAR”, the Straßenkinder e. V. Leipzig, the Children’s hospice Bärenherz Leipzig e. V. and the Elisabethstift with their project “More ABC through wifi”.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and donated. We would also like to thank the Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V. team, whose great commitment made this year’s WKK Charity Race a very special event. We are already looking forward to next year!


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