Löhnberger Mill | Lahnstein

On the banks of the Rhine

What was once Germany’s largest and most modern grain mill was constructed in 1890 and is now a listed building.

The existing complex, consisting of the mill itself, the director’s villa, workers’ apartments and a clocktower, will retain its industrial character and be supplemented with new buildings. At the heart of the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” World Heritage Site, there will emerge an architectural jewel for living and working, featuring both offices and restaurants. Its location on the banks of the Rhine offers a wide range of options for outdoor leisure pursuits. A landing pier is planned to allow for innovative concepts for carbon-neutral construction and the use of prefabrication.

Data and Facts

Didierstrasse 35, 56112 Lahnstein

Object Type

Development/Urban development




Residential: 37,900 m²
Commercial: 2,500 m²
Underground parking spaces: 454

Project volume



In Planning

Location object

Didierstraße 35
56112 Lahnstein