Freischützstrasse | Munich

Premium residential property for Munich

This construction project is located in the Johanneskirchen district in Munich’s north-east and is surrounded by a varied mix of residential property and office units. Not to mention the green spaces, excellent local amenities and fast connections to Munich city centre. Plans for this vacant building include partial repurposing from commercial to residential use as well as a ground-up renovation, extension and up- ward expansion. While private and subsidised apartments will be created in the upper stories, the ground floor will retain its spaces for offices, retail and small business.


Data and Facts

Freischützstrasse 75–81, Johanneskirchner Strasse 98 &100, 81927 Munich

Object Type

Residential development/Development


Sale of condominiums/(Forward) Sale


Residential: 6,790 m2, incl.1,370 m2 subsidised Commercial: 2,400 m2
Underground parking spaces: 158

Project volume


End of 2023

In planning

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