CG Elementum – flagship of the Gröner Group

Established in 2020 as a subsidiary of the Gröner Group and internal service provider to it, CG Elementum exemplifies property developments built for the future. We follow principles of sustainability, forging ahead with digital design and construction to create affordable but also unique and high-quality architecture. What’s more, we preserve value by giving disused industrial buildings a fresh lease of life and putting them to new use. We always look for ways to apply our range of green technology concepts, especially in our new construction projects.

Our principles

CG Elementum’s history started more than 25 years ago when Christoph Gröner established the CG Guppe. Over time, the group began to specialise in project development for rental property. Building on this, CG Elementum – a subsidiary of the Gröner Group – now unites all processes involved in the property lifecycle under one umbrella, from design and development to construction, lettings and management.

In everything we create, we aim for a standard of holistic sustainability that always includes both ecological and economic considerations. On the one hand, we pay very close attention to process digitalisation. This combines BIM and the use of prefabricated components to make developing new buildings more efficient in terms of both time and money. The result is affordable housing and living spaces that harness green technology to optimise carbon emissions. This brings us closer to achieving a carbon neutral footprint.

On the other hand, our longstanding expertise in conservation-based renovation and conversion feeds into our specialisation – preserving values instead of building on greenfield sites. By developing properties in a manner that conserves resources, we revitalise old industrial sites and buildings to create new housing and living spaces. As part of this, structures that merit preservation undergo extensive renovation and are put to new use. Buildings that are not worth maintaining are demolished and recycled as demolition debris. The space cleared is redeveloped to allow new and vibrant city centre districts to spring up. For an approach that is sustainable in so many ways.

The company’s management team

Ulf Graichen
CEO/CDO of CG Elementum AG

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Development Officer (CDO), Ulf Graichen is responsible for corporate development and strategy, project development, management and construction as well as planning at CG Elementum AG. He is an authorized signatory of the Gröner Group and, as Head of Central Germany, responsible for the Leipzig, Erfurt and Dresden sites. He already started his career at CG Gruppe AG in 2008 and has profound expertise in the development and redevelopment of old buildings, former factory and commercial sites as well as the development of inner-city residential quarters.


George Moutoulis
CCO of CG Elementum AG

As Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of CG Elementum AG, George Moutoulis is responsible for institutional investors and individual marketing. As long-time branch manager Stuttgart and Munich, he is responsible for all project developments in Württemberg and Bavaria. He is also an authorized signatory of the Gröner Group. The successful company founder in the real estate and IT business looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has many years of expertise in the management of development, financing and marketing.


Martin A. Müller
CFO/CIO of CG Elementum AG

Martin A. Müller manages the IT and Finance section at CG Elementum AG. As an experienced managing director and graduate business engineer, he has extensive know-how in the fields of information technology and digitization of processes. He looks back on more than 25 years of management experience in project development with a focus on urban developments in Baden-Württemberg and has a broad range of experience in the German and Spanish real estate market.

Jessica Seja
CAO of CG Elementum AG

Jessica Seja is in charge of the Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Marketing, Internal Services and Social Outreach departments. Prior to her appointment to the Executive Board, she headed the Marketing department as an authorised signatory of CG Elementum. As a business graduate in property and housing, she has worked for more than 20 years in the property industry, including 17 years at Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) alone. In addition to marketing, she also specialises in structural change and modernisation.

Marcus Zischg
CTO/CSO of CG Elementum AG

Marcus Zischg’s responsibilities include the Technology, Innovation/Digitalisation, Prefabrication and Research & Sustainability departments. Since 2020, he has managed the CG Elementum branch offices in Cologne and Koblenz. While still studying business administration, he worked as a managing partner at HGW Bauträger GmbH in Koblenz to establish it as a leading property developer in the region. Marcus Zischg looks back on around 20 years in project development with a focus on building services engineering and financing.


Company presentation