CG Elementum acts as a service provider within the Gröner Group, uniting all property-related services under one umbrella and across all trades. These services are harnessed within the company to develop new construction projects at CG Property with a focus on digital planning and construction, and for project development at CG Capital in the areas of renovation, revitalisation and conversion. All CG Elementum services are also available to external third parties.

Sustainable – Digital – Affordable



New Construction





  • Project management
  • Planning (BIM)
  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Lettings
  • Property management

Key priorities for our services

Climate protection

When planning sustainable properties, we are committed to aligning ecological and economic factors. We see it as the property sector’s duty to help protect the climate.

Our sights are set on achieving a carbon neutral footprint. This is why we evaluate all our green technology concepts to see which projects they can be used in.

Urban development

Many of the properties we renovate and repurpose form part of large-scale urban developments, an area that has been a core focus in our project work for many years.

We place a special emphasis here on designing robust mixed-use concepts. These respond to the varied needs of people from all walks of life, while integrating core framework features such as nature and the environment.

Central IT platform

Having developed a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, we are able to track the entire process from site purchase, planning and construction through to lettings and management.

Project development then becomes an end-to-end process covering the entire value chain, making it a comprehensive tool for use in all kinds of property investments.

BIM and prefabrication

Digital design involving Building Information Modelling (BIM) plus the use of prefabricated components form the elemental foundations of our project development for new buildings.

The benefits are indisputable: with automated and, therefore, cheaper and quicker component prefabrication, affordable yet unique living spaces can be built thanks to BIM-based management.

Preserving historical structures

One of our core competencies is the preservation and expert refurbishment of historical structures.

With our longstanding experience in renovating old and listed buildings, we boast enormous specialist skill and ensure great attention to detail. By comprehensively restoring old buildings that merit preservation and listed heritage properties, we create sustainable values.

Development of new types of use

For many years now, our focus has been on converting and revitalising former commercial and office buildings as well as entire disused industrial sites, where we apply sophisticated concepts for residential and commercial use. By fusing renovated properties with new additional buildings, we create fresh and diverse living spaces.