Committed digitalisation of every process

Data-driven site selection

Existing project pipelines at prime locations with a high unmet demand for space; site selection based on comprehensive analyses of the demographics, economy, infrastructure, etc.

Design-to-construction approach

Linking of AI-based design algorithms to BIM-based design processes (4D/5D) and digital component catalogues

Transparent project management

Management and visualisation of the entire planning process for all internal and external project partners

Prefabrication in series (off-site)

Through cooperation with the EMC I prefabricated concrete components factory: ordering prefabricated components, with the aim of continually increasing the proportion of value added by prefabrication

Construction work (on-site)

Installation of prefabricated components delivered to the construction site; management of the construction process and the subcontractors involved based on the project BIM model

Property management beyond the construction process

Tailored service portfolio for investors (lettings management, etc.) and residents (smart home, energy supply, etc.)