Green technology

We see beyond the here and now and are committed to integrating green technology into our buildings. This allows us to create properties that are carbon neutral and conserve resources.

Global climate change is one of the greatest and most fundamental challenges of our time. Tackling this is a momentous task, also for the global economy and hence for the property sector, especially since buildings have been shown to produce around 40% of all carbon emissions worldwide. Innovative technologies as well as sustainable and ecologically sound concepts involving different energy mixes that pay off both for users and the environment – these are just two of our approaches. Even in the construction phase, we already place great importance on the sustainable use of raw materials. Checking all building materials from an environmental standpoint is a crucial part of our sustainability concept.


The most beneficial building materials in terms of resources are those that are made from recycled materials, either fully or in part. This is why we use building materials formed from the debris of demolished buildings, such as recycled concrete.

Using ecological building and insulation materials

When constructing and insulating buildings, we are already thinking ahead and beyond. This is why we only use materials that can be recycled or disposed of properly.


We use Kerazzo! These attractive wall and flooring panels can be laid without visible joint lines. They are made from recycled materials such as waste glass, marble, granite and quartzite using a new and innovative technique. The company TREND Kerazzo Deutschland has already been awarded GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification, and other certifications are underway.

Carbon-neutral heating systems

We champion environmentally friendly heating in our properties, using modern technologies like geothermal energy and air source heat pumps, photovoltaics/solar thermal energy, wind power and hydropower, district heating, CHP systems and hydrogen technology.

New mobility concepts/car sharing

Modern living calls for modern mobility concepts. In our residential complexes, we offer our tenants bike stands and car sharing options.