Sustainable coexistence

Many of our properties that have been refurbished and put to new use are part of large-scale neighborhood developments, on which we have been focusing our project work for several years.

Here, it is particularly important to design a healthy mix of uses in order to take into account the diverse needs of a wide range of people while at the same time incorporating important framework factors such as nature and the environment.

The focus is on people

Neighborhood development is urban development.

The increasing influx of many people into inner cities is increasing the pressure on urban centers. Brownfields that are surrounded by residential areas therefore have a lot of usable, positive potential: Through revitalization and urbanization, something new can be created here that can be harmoniously linked to the surrounding structures as an integral part and sensibly closes inner-city gaps.

Careful and mature planning is essential for this. It should meet functional and economic requirements, realize ecologically sustainable solutions and always focus on people’s needs. Only when all components are in harmony can a genuine, long-term commitment of residents and users succeed and the cohesion of urban society be ensured.

Developing new utilization concepts

For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to the conversion and revitalization of former commercial and office buildings as well as entire brownfield sites, incorporating well thought-out residential and commercial utilization concepts.

In terms of sustainable and resource-saving real estate development, we have made it our business to preserve values wherever possible. We preserve architectural gems and urban monuments and put them to new use. In some cases, we supplement the refurbished building complexes with modern new buildings that fit harmoniously into the existing structure and thus contribute to further revitalization. The synthesis of refurbished properties and supplementary new buildings creates a variety of new living, working and living spaces.

District development

With the Plagwitzer Höfe in the Leipzig district of Plagwitz, we have successively designed and revitalized the entire area to date, thus helping to strengthen the entire district.