9. January 2024
Partial reallocation plan for the Greenville project in Karlsruhe comes into force

• Construction activities can continue with immediate effect once it comes into force
• The aim is to increase the quota for subsidised housing by up to 40 per cent
• CO2-neutral management of the entire site planned

20. October 2023
RTL production company 99pro media moves into over 2,000 m² of office space in Plagwitzer Höfe

The nationwide real estate company CG Elementum AG, which specialises in digital and sustainable construction, welcomes the TV production company 99pro media as a new tenant in a listed former industrial building on the Plagwitzer Höfe site. The handover of the keys for the approximately 2,090 m² of office space at Zschochersche Straße 80 a took place on 1 June 2023.

1. September 2023
CG Elementum celebrates topping-out ceremony for sustainable apartment building in the Plagwitzer Höfe in Leipzig

The nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate CG Elementum AG has ceremoniously placed the topping-out wreath for an apartment building at Limburger Straße 34-36 in Leipzig in the presence of the builders involved. The building complex is one of numerous sub-projects within the ecobuilding district development “Plagwitzer Höfe”.

4. August 2023
CG Elementum achieves leasing success in Mannheim’s Konradhaus

– Nationwide law firm VHP PartG mbB becomes new tenant in Konradhaus
– Sustainable concept decisive for leasing
– Revitalisation of the existing building as an essential component of sustainable construction without foregoing the most modern requirements

20. July 2023
CG Elementum AG: Winner of the architectural competition for the GREENVILLE quarter in Karlsruhe has been determined

– Architectural firm ruser + partner mbb submitted the best competition design
– Two architectural offices from Karlsruhe among the first three places
– Second place goes to KFWM Architekten from Karlsruhe, third place goes to Freivogel Architekten from Ludwigsburg
– CG Elementum thus decisively advances the Greenville quarter in Karlsruhe-Nordstadt
– Competition designs will be on display to the public from July 20 at the CG Elementum office

14. July 2023
CG Elementum: City of Lahnstein adopts decision to prepare “Rhein Lahn Living” development plan

– Milestone reached in planning for urban quarter in Lahnstein
– The energy design of the quarter will save up to 1,150 tons of CO2 annually
– Löhnberger Mühle to be preserved as “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” World Heritage Site

15. June 2023
The Fight to end homelessness

Homelessness in Germany is a serious issue. There are numerous reasons and personal setbacks that lead people to the streets. Returning to society under one’s own strength often presents the affected individuals with nearly insurmountable challenges.

28. April 2023
CG Elementum also 2023 supporter of the DomStufen Festival

This year, Theater Erfurt will once again transform the Thuringian state capital into a cultural hotspot: from July 7 to 30, 2023, the traditional venue will host the DomStufen Festival in front of Erfurt Cathedral in the old town, which has been held annually since 1994.

21. April 2023
Earth Day 2023: CG Elementum presents almost energy self-sufficient farm with novel hydrogen storage system

“Live greener – live in harmony with nature” is not only the motto for Earth Day on 22 April 2023, but also the maxim of the real estate company CG Elementum AG, which specialises in sustainable construction. At the Arieshof property, this principle was consistently implemented from the yard gate to the roof.

18. April 2023
CG Elementum AG: EARTH DAY 2023 – Own energy management for sustainable building and living

The real estate company CG Elementum AG, which operates nationwide and specializes in digitalized, sustainable construction, is committed to World Earth Day, which takes place on April 22, 2023, under the motto “Live greener – live in harmony with nature.”

3. April 2023
Citizen dialogue in Lahnstein: CG Elementum presents sustainability concept for Rhein Lahn Living

On Saturday, 25 March 2023, a citizens’ dialogue on the Rhein Lahn Living project took place in Lahnstein. CG Elementum had initiated this forum on its own initiative due to the great interest shown by local politicians, citizens and residents. Ronald Pofalla (COO Gröner Group AG) and Marcus Zischg (CTO/CSO CG Elementum AG) presented the construction project as well as processes and measures for CO2 reduction to more than 80 interested guests on the grounds around the Löhnberger Mühle.

29. March 2023
We celebrate two years of support for the Tafel Leipzig

Recently, we celebrated another milestone: our partnership with Tafel Leipzig turned two years old! Since March 2021, CG Elementum AG has been providing monthly support of 2,000 euros to Tafel Leipzig, ensuring the salaries and continuous operations of the association.

28. March 2023
Leipzig: CG Elementum AG welcomes The Porter as a new tenant in Plagwitzer Höfe

The nationwide real estate company CG Elementum, which specialises in digital and sustainable construction, welcomes The Porter as a new tenant for the A30 building on the Plagwitzer Höfe site in Leipzig. The Porter develops and operates networked places for temporary living, flexible working and cultural exchange.

15. March 2023
CG Elementum and infinitSpace expand their cooperation to include the Karlsruhe location

The nationwide real estate company CG Elementum AG, which specialises in digital and sustainable construction, is further expanding its cooperation with, proptech start-up and flexible workspace operator, infinitSpace. The partnership will see the launch of a new flexible workspace brand implemented across CG Elementum’s portfolio. In addition to the previously announced launch of this brand in Cologne and Mannheim, Karlsruhe is the latest location to follow as this partnership expands.

8. March 2023
Diversity and equality in our corporate group

We advocate for diversity and equality within the Gröner Group because taking a stand is essential.

24. February 2023
War in Ukraine

A year ago now, the war in Ukraine began, sending shockwaves throughout the world. Over the past 365 days, we hoped that the turmoil would never persist for the span of a year.

27. January 2023
ecobuilding: Gröner Group defines ecological and innovative building and presents corporate strategy

The nationwide company Gröner Group AG, which specializes in digitalized sustainable building, presented its future orientation and its response to the key challenges of real estate development in Berlin on Thursday evening. Under the term “ecobuilding”, the parent company of real estate developer CG Elementum will summarize its products in the future. At its core, ecobuilding stands for a new way of building and a new kind of buildings and neighborhoods.

22. December 2022
CG Elementum moves forward with “Greenville Karlsruhe”: Architectural competition starts after development plan comes into force

The development plan “Westlich der Erzbergerstraße zwischen New-York-Straße und Lilienthalstraße” came into force on December 16. This marks the start of the next phase of the “Greenville” neighborhood, which is being driven forward by the nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate CG Elementum AG.

21. December 2022
Christmas at CG Elementum

In a few days, we will once again sing caroles, recite poems and enjoy a traditional holiday meal. For many people, unfortunately, Christmas does not look so festive. Some won‘t be able to spend the holidays with their families, others will not be able to fulfill their children’s dearest wishes.

7. December 2022
CG Elementum AG sponsors “Championat von Leipzig”

CG Elementum AG, a nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate, will once again support the prestigious international equestrian event with PARTNER PFERD in January 2023.

1. December 2022
More sustainability in the Plagwitzer Höfe – First air filter steles handed over in Leipzig

Air quality is an important issue, especially in urban cores. As a start of the joint pilot project of Green City Solutions GmbH and the nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG, the handover of two digital advertising steles with integrated moss air filter took place today in the west of Leipzig, which is characterized by industrial culture.

22. November 2022
Green light for “Greenville Karlsruhe” – municipal council adopts resolution on statutes with broad majority

The Karlsruhe City Council has approved the development plan “Westlich der Erzbergerstraße zwischen New-York-Straße und Lilienthalstraße” by a large majority. This resolution also clears the way for the transformation of the so-called Area C into the “Greenville” quarter. The nationwide developer of residential and commercial properties CG Elementum AG is responsible for major parts of this revitalisation.

16. November 2022
CG Elementum expands project in Karlsruhe’s Fiduciastrasse with another existing building

Through the purchase of a supplementary existing building at Fiduciastrasse 12 in the Durlach district of Karlsruhe, the nationwide real estate project developer CG Elementum AG has expanded its development project at the location. The transfer of benefits and burdens already took place on June 15, 2022.

1. November 2022
Ein ganz besonderes Dinner im Château9

How many people in Germany are affected by homelessness? The number can only ever be estimated – different sources report different figures. This much is certain, however: any number is too high! Why someone ends up in this situation cannot be generalized. Equally inappropriate is the assumption that “nobody has to be homeless in Germany”.

27. October 2022
An update on Ukraine relief measures

War has been raging in the Ukraine for 8 months now. Many Ukranians are still fleeing and seeking protection in neighboring countries, such as Germany. As a real estate developer, we saw it as our duty to help and to start where the need is greatest – provision of living space.

30. September 2022
CG Elementum presents tenants with neighborhood development and sustainability concept for Plagwitzer Höfe

On Tuesday, 20.09.2022, a tenant information evening was held for the predominantly commercial tenants of the Plagwitzer Höfe Leipzig neighborhood. Silvio Petermann, Deputy Branch Manager Leipzig, and Jan Wohlleben, Project Manager for Neighborhood Development, presented the ConceptGreen, which summarizes all measures and processes for reducing CO2 emissions from our properties, to more than 80 interested tenants. In addition, the colleagues presented the specific pilot projects for CO2 reduction in the Plagwitzer Höfe.

27. September 2022
The 2nd KSC-Helfertag powered by CG Elementum

On September 24th, toolboxes were brought out, painters’ clothes put on and a lot of good company brought along for the 2nd KSC-Helfertag (KSC Helpers’ Day). In Karlsruhe, many motivated volunteers came together to help the community.

21. September 2022
Start of construction for “An den Winterlinden” project in Munich

The nationwide specialist for the conversion and revitalization of commercial and industrial real estate CG Elementum AG has started construction work on the project “An den Winterlinden” in Munich’s Freischützstraße 75-81 and Johanneskirchnerstraße 98 and 100. The gutting of the building complex had already begun in the spring.

12. September 2022
We celebrate more than 250.000 Euros in donations at the summer festivals in Berlin & Cologne

We were able to toast again – to new colleagues, wonderful teamwork and collaborations and the good cause! In Berlin and Cologne, the members of the Executive Board, the management, colleagues from the branches and external business partners came together at the beginning of September and spent a nice evening at the CG Elementum summer parties.

9. September 2022
CG Elementum celebrates topping-out ceremony for office building MI5 at Cologneo-Campus Cologne

The nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate CG Elementum AG today ceremoniously placed the topping-out wreath for the new MI5 office building in the Cologne-Mülheim district in the presence of the builders involved.

8. September 2022
CG Elementum completes energy self-sufficient farm with new hydrogen storage pilot project

A new pilot project was presented during the Sustainability Days in Bolzano, Italy (September 6-9, 2022): The Arieshof in South Tyrol is no ordinary farm.

2. September 2022
CG Elementum lays foundation stone for 204 sustainable apartments in Berlin-Spandau

On the island of Eiswerder in the Berlin district of Spandau, the nationwide real estate project developer CG Elementum AG today laid the foundation stone for the sustainable residential quarter STADTLANDHAVEL.

30. August 2022
Employees from Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig get involved

Finished – two wonderful campaigns for two wonderful institutions were successfully completed and we could not be happier about the social commitment of our colleagues..

29. August 2022
CG Elementum AG starts construction work on Erfurt real estate project “CHRONICLE

The nationwide real estate project developer CG Elementum AG has started construction work on its Erfurt project CHRONICLE. The high-rise building at the eastern gateway to the old town was home to the Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper between 1968 and 1993.

24. August 2022
CG Elementum AG sets topping-out wreath for 10 modern apartments in Leipzig-Plagwitz

The nationwide real estate project developer CG Elementum has made further progress in its major Leipzig project “Plagwitzer Höfe”. The topping-out wreath was ceremoniously raised today for a new building at Gießerstraße 51.

4. August 2022
CG Elementum AG becomes new sleeve partner of Hertha BSC

CG Elementum AG is now the new official sleeve partner and exclusive partner of Hertha BSC. The company logo of CG Elementum AG adorns the left sleeve of the Hertha team at all Bundesliga and cup matches.

15. July 2022
At full throttle into the donation record – The WKK Charity Race 2022

The spectacular WKK Charity Race took place at the End of June. In the Porsche Experience Center in Leipzig, the invited guests were able to take turns in high-performance Porsche models and pledged donations with each lap.

12. July 2022
CG Elementum AG realigns sponsorship activities and ends commitment to RB Leipzig

The nationwide developer of ecologically and energetically forward-looking real estate CG Elementum AG will end its involvement with DFB Cup winner and Champions League participant RB Leipzig as part of the realignment of its sponsorship activities. This includes that the company will not extend its sleeve jersey sponsorship. Renewed talks to continue the partnership were unsuccessful.

7. July 2022
CG Elementum: Decision on site layout and public participation for Anna Quartier in Karlsfeld near Munich. Construction preparation has begun

The nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum has reached important milestones in the development of the Anna Quartier project in Karlsfeld near Munich. At a citizens’ meeting on June 27, the plans generated a positive response from the people of Karlsfeld.

30. June 2022
CG Elementum brings quarterback into project as partner at Greenville

In the development of the former military site Areal C in Karlsruhe into the urban and green mixed-use area Greenville, Quarterback Immobilien AG acquired two building plots from CG Elementum AG in order to realize them in accordance with the agreements with the city of Karlsruhe after the creation of building rights.

27. June 2022
City of Bergisch Gladbach adopts decision on development plan “Wohnen an der Strunde”

The nationwide developer of ecologically and energetically forward-looking real estate CG Elementum AG has reached an important milestone for the “Wohnen an der Strunde” project in Bergisch Gladbach.

21. June 2022
City of Wendlingen gives green light for OTTO Quarter and adopts resolution on statutes

The nationwide operating real estate developer CG Elementum AG has reached an important milestone for the revitalization and new development of the OTTO-Quartier: On May 31, the municipal council of the city of Wendlingen passed the resolution on the development plan.

2. June 2022
CG Elementum supports refugees from Ukraine in a need-oriented and pragmatic way

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG has been supporting refugees and aid organizations with targeted measures, such as medicine, vehicles and housing.

1. June 2022
Inflation compensation: Gröner Group and CG Elementum AG increase wages and salaries

The management board of the nationwide operating real estate developer CG Elementum AG as well as the management of the parent company Gröner Group GmbH have decided to compensate for the recent significant increase in the cost of living of the employees. The inflation compensation was initiated by the founder of the group, Christoph Gröner.

24. May 2022
Premiere: CG Elementum main sponsor at the German Show Jumping and Dressage Derby

The nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG is supporting the German Jumping and Dressage Derby in Hamburg for the first time. “At this outstanding equestrian event, horse fans from all over the world feast their eyes on tradition, sportsmanship and world-class performances,” says Christoph Gröner, CEO of CG Elementum, adding, “As a project developer, we are equally enthusiastic about pursuing the vision of climate-friendly construction and climate-neutral management of buildings.”

9. May 2022
The Art Dinner is back!

On May 6th 2022, after a forced break of 2 years the Bürgerstiftung Berlin (Citizens’ Foundation Berlin) hosted their traditional Charity Art Dinner once again. In the Mercedes World at Salzufer, impressive art, a delicious dinner accompanied by inspiring words and lively sounds awaited the guests. CG Elementum was also present as a sponsor of the evening.

6. May 2022
CG Elementum AG receives building permit for “An den Winterlinden” in Munich’s Johanneskirchen district

The Local Building Commission of the City of Munich has issued a building permit to real estate developer CG Elementum AG for the redevelopment and conversion of Freischützenstrasse 75-81 and Johanneskirchenstrasse 98 and 100 in the northeast of the Bavarian capital. The building complex, which dates from the 1990s, has been named “An den Winterlinden” since the beginning of the year. In terms of urban design, the group of lime trees at the intersection, which characterizes the area, will be highlighted.

26. April 2022
CG Elementum AG feiert Richtfest für 88 Wohnungen in den Plagwitzer Höfen

At the northwestern end of the Plagwitzer Höfe at the junction of Naumburger and Engertstraße, a topping-out ceremony was held today for 88 apartments and supplementary commercial space. The nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG is revitalizing a former office building with a passage to Weißenfelser Straße and adding a new building.

25. April 2022
CG Elementum supports the DomStufen Festival in 2022

Between July 15 and August 17, 2022, the Domplatz and the 70 steps up the Domberg will once again be the venue for the DomStufen Festival, which has been held annually since 1994. A cultural highlight for the entire region, which CG Elementum is happy to support, as it is already part of the Gröner Group’s tradition.

6. April 2022
6-10.4.2022 in Leipzig: CG Elementum supports PARTNER PFERD

The nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG is supporting PARTNER PFERD, an international equestrian event, for the first time this year. “The big plus for this commitment was Leipzig as an event location and at the same time the cradle of our company, where most of our employees and projects still gather,” says Christoph Gröner, CEO CG Elementum.

22. March 2022
CG Elementum AG presents first tenant and energy concept for Leipzig’s Mariannen Campus

Within walking distance of Leipzig’s main train station, the nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum AG has been revitalizing what was once the world’s largest postal train station since 2017. While the northern part of the emerging Mariannen Campus has already been completed for a good year, work on the part south of Adenauerallee is currently still ongoing. The first leases have now been signed with future users for the former administration building, which was opened in 1912.

15. March 2022
Relief measures for Ukraine

These are very turbulent and difficult times in the Ukraine. Every day we receive shocking news which partially affect our colleagues and their families, too. At CG Elementum, people always come first, so the management has sat down with the social commitment team and initiated several measures to help as many people as possible.

28. February 2022
Gröner Group ends cooperation with Gerhard Schröder

Gröner Group has terminated its cooperation with Gerhard Schröder. Mr. Schröder’s mandates by Russian companies and companies affiliated with the Russian state, whose business activities contribute extensively to the financing of the Russian state and its military actions, stand in the way of further cooperation with Mr. Schröder.

28. January 2022
CG Elementum invited to the New Year’s reception at Tempelhof Airport

Almost 180 distinguished guests from all over Germany accepted the invitation and came together on January 27, 2022 for the traditional New Year’s reception of CG Elementum in the “Kunsthalle Berlin” on the Tempelhofer Feld.

21. December 2021
Advent, Advent … the Christmas initiatives of our branches

Green fir trees, sparkling children’s eyes and tranquil music playing in the background – for many, this describes a traditional Christmas. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality in countless households and especially in social institutions.

7. December 2021
CG Elementum AG strengthens management team – Seja and Zischg on the Management Board

The nationwide developer of ecological and sustainable real estate CG Elementum AG strengthens its management team. The Supervisory Board of CG Elementum appointed Jessica Seja and Marcus Zischg as new members of the Executive Board. Both will take up their new positions on January 1, 2022

28. November 2021
Toy paradise: Large toy donation to daycare center in Leipzig

The children of the integrative daycare center “BG17” near our Leipzig branch received a big toy delivery. Thanks to a very generous donation of a Berlin colleague and more toys donated by employees last spring, the newly opened daycare center could be equipped with a variety of fun games and toys.

16. November 2021
WKK donation record at the first WKK Charity Gala!!!

The 13.11.2021 was a very special day! As the proud main sponsor of Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V. (WKK for short), we were able to celebrate the first WKK Charity Gala and with incredible success for socially disadvantaged children and young people in Germany:1.000.000 Euro were raised that evening!

11. November 2021
CG Elementum celebrates topping-out ceremony for 289 apartments in Hamburg

The topping-out ceremony of the Bahrenfelder Carrée was celebrated today in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld in the presence of the builders involved. The nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate CG Elementum AG is realizing a total of 289 urgently needed apartments, including 108 studio apartments, 121 classic rental apartments and 60 subsidized housing units, in two building sections in the immediate vicinity of the Altonaer Volkspark.

10. September 2021
The summer party for the benefit of Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V.

Even though the weather didn’t quite cooperate, the Berlin Summer party at the Wannseeterrassen last Thursday was a complete success. Besides the wonderful view over the Wannsee, there were exciting and entertaining speeches, delicious food and refreshing musical performances.

7. September 2021
The first KSC Helfertag powered by CG Elementum

Strahlend weiße Fassaden, unkrautfreie Gärten, hergerichtete Büroräume, glückliche Mitarbeiter:innen verschiedener sozialer Einrichtungen, gestärkter Teamgeist und vieles mehr sind die Resultate des ersten KSC-Helfertags. Am 04.09.2021 kamen ungefähr 100 Freiwillige zusammen, um in Karlsruhe gemeinsam Großes zu leisten. Unterstützen konnte man beim Streichen eines Tier- und eines Seniorenheims, beim Herrichten der neuen Beratungsstelle des The Justice Project e. V. und beim Unkrautjäten des Johannes-Diakonie Wohnhauses und des Paritätischen Sozialdienstes.

27. August 2021
Martin A. Müller new member of the Management Board of CG Elementum AG

At its meeting yesterday, the Supervisory Board of CG Elementum AG appointed Mr. Martin A. Müller to the Management Board. Mr. Müller will be responsible for the areas of Finance (CFO) and Information Technology (CIO) in the now again four-member board.

2. July 2021
Turning laps for a good cause

For the 2nd time the Charity Race was hosted by Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V., short WKK. Between touching speeches, social reflection and admiring eyes of attending car lovers an incredible 400.000 Euro came together for the good cause!

25. February 2021
The WKK supports children of artists

Corona has turned our society completely upside down. Many people have to face the disease on the front lines due to their work place, others are forced to take a break from their jobs. Especially, the arts and culture industry was struck hard by the pandemic

17. February 2021
Targeted winter aid for homeless people

The sudden cold spell last week set in motion a series of relief measures for homeless people. While many of us come home and turn up the heat, others are unable to escape the cold. Those living on the streets suffer the most.

20. December 2020
Spreading Christmas joy in Berlin and Leipzig

For most of us, the traditional Christmas holiday consists of a festively decorated Christmas tree, under which lie beautifully wrapped gifts for the whole family. However, this idea is not the reality for everyone in Germany.

5. November 2020
Donation handover at the DRK’s Harburg-Huus

“Please stay at home, if possible.” A well-known pandemic-related appeal that not everybody in Germany can follow. Not everyone has a home and too many people live on the streets. As a project developer in the real estate industry, we are very concerned about the issue of homelessness, which is why it is also a matter of concern to us to help here. For years, we have been supporting projects and organizations that tackle this problem.

9. March 2020
Full throttle for a good cause

Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V., or WKK for short, has not been around for long, but is already hosting its first Charity Race on the Porsche Exerience Center in Leipzig. The charitable organization was founded just this year by Christoph Gröner, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube and other personalities from the fields of business, law and medicine.

2. December 2021
Revitalization of “Konradhaus” in Mannheim started

The nationwide specialist for the conversion and revitalization of commercial and industrial real estate CG Elementum AG has started the conversion of the Konradhaus in Mannheim. Nearly 20,000 m² of modern and sustainable office and commercial space will be created on Dudenstraße in Wohlgelegen/Neckarstadt-Ost over the next seven months.

8. October 2021
Interdisciplinary and forward-thinking

In spite of automated processes, construction specialists and those in the skilled trades are anything but superfluous. In fact, the industry has long suffered from a shortage of new workers. That is why Christoph Gröner already started many years ago to draw up plans for an in-house training facility: the innovation centre in Leipzig.

19. July 2021
Jens Rammenzweig leaves the Executive Board

Effective July 31, 2021, Jens Rammenzweig will terminate his Management Board activities at CG Elementum AG and will continue to be available to the Company as a consultant for individual topics until December 31, 2021.

22. September 2021
Technical paper: From planning to production – With the EMC system to individualized housing construction

CG Elementum AG as a group-owned service provider of the Gröner Group stands for sustainable and digital construction. With an experience horizon of more than 25 years, the company designs future-oriented real estate developments with a focus on the creation of affordable living spaces.

3. September 2021
Tour of Bleichert Werke as part of Leipzig Industrial Culture Days

140 years ago, the Bleichert Werke in Gohlis was founded as the first and largest wire rope factory in the world. After an eventful history, the huge industrial ruin lay fallow for decades.

5. July 2021
KSC & CG Elementum AG: A strong partnership at a glance

CG Elementum AG, previously the top sponsor of Karlsruher SC, will become the new main sponsor and breast sponsor of the blue and white team on July 1, 2021. We present the joint partnership.

17. February 2021
Gröner Group provides practical help for the homeless

The Berlin-based Gröner Group, a nationwide developer of future-oriented sustainable residential and commercial real estate, supported homeless initiatives at the Group’s locations with food and donations in kind worth around 30,000 euros during the onset of winter last week.

18. January 2021
Innovative concepts for eco-friendly and sustainable properties

Interview with Dr Rainer Fauth, Sustainability Project Manager at CG Plan GmbH

3. December 2020
E-mobility infrastructure for up to 50% of households at Hofgarten Karree

The Hofgarten Karree project in the Nordweststadt area of Karlsruhe is setting standards, not just in terms of quality and the way it combines modern new builds and renovated listed structures but also for its sophisticated e-mobility solution.

30. November 2020
Production to Industry 4.0 standards

The advantages of prefabrication are obvious: on the one hand, highly efficient, cheaper and faster production, and on the other hand, the reduction of classic sources of error. Read the interview with Jörg Theves, plant manager at the EMC precast plant near Erfurt.

14. October 2020
New – and in its 15th edition: CG Magazine – simply elemental

Berlin. What’s in right now? Getting back to essentials! Which makes the new CG Magazine very much in line with current trends. This year, it is not only the minimalist layout of the magazine that is so compelling but also its publication date.

17. September 2020
Topping out ceremony at the Cologneo Campus

The completion of the GE-101 office building is coming along in strides – on 17 September 2020, the topping out ceremony took place at the newly named Cologneo Campus site in Cologne, attended by our Managing Director Christoph Gröner.

15. September 2020
OTTO Quarter lowdown by livestream

Digitalisation in COVID times has enabled the first ever live streaming of a CG Elementum AG event. An evening of information on the OTTO Quarter in Wendlingen am Neckar took place both online as well as in-person at Treffpunkt Stadtmitte in Wendlingen.