8. October 2021
Interdisciplinary and forward-thinking

In spite of automated processes, construction specialists and those in the skilled trades are anything but superfluous. In fact, the industry has long suffered from a shortage of new workers. That is why Christoph Gröner already started many years ago to draw up plans for an in-house training facility: the innovation centre in Leipzig.

17. February 2021
Gröner Group provides practical help for the homeless

At the onset of last week’s very cold weather, the Berlin-based Gröner Group – which develops future-focused and sustainable residential and commercial property across Germany – launched its support for homeless charities based around the company group’s locations by providing food and other donations totalling some 30,000 euros.

18. January 2021
Innovative concepts for eco-friendly and sustainable properties

Interview with Dr Rainer Fauth, Sustainability Project Manager at CG Plan GmbH

3. December 2020
E-mobility infrastructure for up to 50% of households at Hofgarten Karree

The Hofgarten Karree project in the Nordweststadt area of Karlsruhe is setting standards, not just in terms of quality and the way it combines modern new builds and renovated listed structures but also for its sophisticated e-mobility solution.

30. November 2020
Production to Industry 4.0 standards

The benefits of prefabrication are indisputable – a highly efficient, cheaper and faster manufacturing process and the reduction of traditional sources of error. Read more on this in our interview with Jörg Theves, Factory Manager at the EMC prefabricated components factory near Erfurt.

14. October 2020
New – and in its 15th edition: CG Magazine – simply elemental

Berlin. What’s in right now? Getting back to essentials! Which makes the new CG Magazine very much in line with current trends. This year, it is not only the minimalist layout of the magazine that is so compelling but also its publication date.

17. September 2020
Topping out ceremony at the Cologneo Campus

The completion of the GE-101 office building is coming along in strides – on 17 September 2020, the topping out ceremony took place at the newly named Cologneo Campus site in Cologne, attended by our Managing Director Christoph Gröner.

15. September 2020
OTTO Quarter lowdown by livestream

Digitalisation in COVID times has enabled the first ever live streaming of a CG Elementum AG event. An evening of information on the OTTO Quarter in Wendlingen am Neckar took place both online as well as in-person at Treffpunkt Stadtmitte in Wendlingen.