Healthy materials in interior construction

Building materials also have a major impact on the environment and health. Wherever possible, we therefore optimize the material ecological footprint of our buildings and ensure that they are free of pollutants and provide a healthy indoor climate. In interior design, we consciously select materials such as paints, natural floor coverings and mineral plasters according to low pollutant emissions and life cycle assessment values, and for our equipment lines we prefer certified building products.

Use of recycled material

It is important to us to install materials today that can be separated and reused in the sense of the circular economy when the buildings are deconstructed. In addition, by using fully or partially recycled building materials, we can reduce material resources and greenhouse gases in production.

Our preferred materials with a high recycled content include metal structures, flooring with secondary raw materials such as porcelain stoneware, or textile flooring with recycled fibers. In the prefabrication plants we have initiated, we can already work with around 40 percent recycled concrete. In this way, we are primarily protecting the earth’s natural resources. Recycled concrete can be used above all to protect the limited gravel resources in ecologically sensitive quarrying areas in Germany.