1. November 2022

Ein ganz besonderes Dinner im Château9

How many people in Germany are affected by homelessness? The number can only ever be estimated – different sources report different figures. This much is certain, however: any number is too high! Why someone ends up in this situation cannot be generalized. Equally inappropriate is the assumption that "nobody has to be homeless in Germany".

Most of us rarely strike up a profound conversation with a homeless person to hear about the fates and circumstances that ultimately led to a life on the street. Such an opportunity came about for some executives and colleagues at the end of October: an invitation to an extraordinary dinner with the guests of the Harburg-Huus at Château9.

The Harburg-Huus of the German Red Cross is an institution in Hamburg that offers homeless people a roof over their heads. Dogs are also welcome here, so that the residents do not have to choose between their four-legged companions and a warm bed. CG Elementum has been supporting this institution for years with 62,500 euros annually.

The almost 20 guests and caregivers from Hamburg were invited by CG Elementum on a short trip to Leipzig. The group arrived in the morning, first explored the city and in the evening came together for an exclusive dinner with some executives and employees from different departments at Château9. The sounds of a jazz duo accompanied the evening and the interesting conversations, which probably would not have happened under other circumstances. After dinner, the guests stayed the night at GRONERS and went to the Leipzig Zoo the next day before returning to Hamburg in the afternoon.

The feedback was very positive, especially the visitors from Hamburg thanked us several times for this short trip and especially the extraordinary dinner. We are already looking forward to the next reunion.

Many thanks to all guests for this unique evening!


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