7. July 2022

CG Elementum: Decision on site layout and public participation for Anna Quartier in Karlsfeld near Munich. Construction preparation has begun

The nationwide real estate developer CG Elementum has reached important milestones in the development of the Anna Quartier project in Karlsfeld near Munich. At a citizens' meeting on June 27, the plans generated a positive response from the people of Karlsfeld.

Already on May 19, 2022, the municipal council had passed the resolution to set up or amend the existing development plan. Work on the construction of the building pit has already begun. 

The site, which was previously used for agricultural purposes, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Eichinger Wäldchen recreational area in Karlsfeld and is only around 30 minutes from Munich city center. By 2025, a mix of uses comprising retail, office space, restaurants, hotels and residential units, as well as a daycare center, is to be built in five construction fields. A large proportion of this will be apartments, for which around 40 percent or around 27,000 m² of the total floor area of around 65,000 m² being created is earmarked. A good 8,600 m² of this will be for housing with income-oriented subsidies. 

In the planning, construction and management of new quarters, CG Elementum consistently acts according to a CO2 zero-emission approach. Thus, the Anna Quartier is also to become a virtually climate-neutral quarter through the use of green quality criteria that go far beyond the minimum legal requirements. 

“Climate protection is the essential element for us in the project development of our quarters,” emphasizes George Moutoulis, branch manager of CG Elementum AG for Stuttgart and Munich, and adds: “Green technology components such as geothermal energy, photovoltaics or the use of wastewater heat, as well as the consistent use of air-source heat pumps, are essential components of our energy management nationwide and are individually tailored to the Anna Quartier.”

Martina Serwene

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