20. July 2023

CG Elementum AG: Winner of the architectural competition for the GREENVILLE quarter in Karlsruhe has been determined

- Architectural firm ruser + partner mbb submitted the best competition design
- Two architectural offices from Karlsruhe among the first three places
- Second place goes to KFWM Architekten from Karlsruhe, third place goes to Freivogel Architekten from Ludwigsburg
- CG Elementum thus decisively advances the Greenville quarter in Karlsruhe-Nordstadt
- Competition designs will be on display to the public from July 20 at the CG Elementum office

The nationwide real estate company CG Elementum AG, which specializes in digital and sustainable construction, has announced the three best designs of the architectural competition for Building Lot 12 of the GREENVILLE project in Karlsruhe. After one day of intensive exchange and discussion, a top-class jury of experts, consisting of representatives from science, economy as well as the municipality, has determined the winning design from 13 submitted designs with a clear voting result. The architectural office ruser + partner mbb submitted the best design. They interpreted the task well and convinced the jury with their different emphases.

The successful design of the building complex by the architectural firm ruser + partner mbb at the new district square sets a strong scent for the new GREENVILLE neighborhood,” says Daniel Fluhrer, jury member and mayor of Karlsruhe. For him, the competition entry “creates the symbiosis between an appropriately structured scale with different apartment types and area variants and a powerful architectural appearance that promises an urban sustainable design quality.”

The architectural competition for the project GREENVILLE Karlsruhe started in December 2022. The reason and purpose of the competition was the object planning for the new construction of a residential and commercial building on the construction site 12. After the lottery procedure, the jury session met all day last Friday to determine the winner.

Dr. Tobias Schnaidt, Karlsruhe branch manager of CG Elementum AG, gives a positive summary. “The architecture competition is a complete success. We are very pleased that numerous architectural firms participated in the tender. The designs each had different qualities. With the evaluation by the expert jury, we can now move swiftly into talks with the architectural firm to move the project forward.”

The site of the quarter is located in Karlsruhe-Nordstadt. It is part of the Zukunft Nord area. As part of the comprehensive revitalization of the site of a former US shopping center, CG Elementum is planning to build around 1,000 apartments. The aim is to offer housing close to the city center for both older people and families with children. The neighborhood will provide a new home for around 3,500 residents and create numerous jobs through a mixed-use structure.

“In the GREENVILLE neighborhood, we see great potential to meet the increasing demand for housing in the Karlsruhe metropolitan region. I would like to thank CG Elementum AG very much for supporting this competition and the associated commitment to quality assurance in building culture,” adds Daniel Fluhrer.

All residents will have the opportunity to view the winning designs and competition ideas on site at our Karlsruhe office. These will be shown on:

Thursday, July 20, 2023 to July 27, 2023
on weekdays in the time from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs.
at Fiduciastraße 2 (2nd floor), 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

The winning designs can be viewed online here

About the GREENVILLE project

The Zukunft Nord area in Karlsruhe’s northern city center is the site of a former U.S. shopping center where a new urban district is to be built. In the northern part of the area, the GREENVILLE, we are planning to build around 1,000 apartments as part of a comprehensive revitalization project.

The goal of the GREENVILLE neighborhood development is to create affordable housing and a corresponding infrastructure in particular, while at the same time meeting the aspect of sustainability and ecology. The energy concept will provide renewable energy at the site to avoid the use of fossil fuels and thus achieve a good greenhouse gas balance. The renewable energies that will be used include solar energy, which will be generated at the site via solar green roofs for green electricity. In addition, rainwater retention is planned. Currently, the use of air-source heat pumps to harness the environmental heat in the outside air is also being investigated. At GREENVILLE, we are also placing special focus on protecting against overheating in summer and increasing biodiversity by significantly reducing land sealing and making the site greener.

Informations: ecobuilding.de

Planned CO2 savings for the entire GREENVILLE neighborhood in figures:

2,430 tons of CO2 less 
72 % CO2 savings through renewable energies

Location: Erzbergerstraße 131-141, 76149 Karlsruhe  
Object typ: Urban development 

Residential: approx. 67.800 m²
Commercial: ca. 25.000 m²

Parking: approx. 900  
Realization: till end 2027 

Jury meeting
Siegerentwurf Greenville Karlsruhe Baufeld 12 Architekturbüro ruser+partner mbb
1. place: (c) Architekturwettbüro ruser + partner mbb
Zweiter Platz Architekturwettbewerb Greenville Karlsruhe Baufeld 12 KFWM Architekten
2. place: (c) KFWM Architekten BDA PartGmbH
Aussenansicht 3ter Platz Freivogel
3. place: (c) Freivogel Mayer Architekten GmbH Büro Ludwigsburg

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