14. July 2023

CG Elementum: City of Lahnstein adopts decision to prepare “Rhein Lahn Living” development plan

- Milestone reached in planning for urban quarter in Lahnstein
- The energy design of the quarter will save up to 1,150 tons of CO2 annually
- Löhnberger Mühle to be preserved as "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" World Heritage Site

The nationwide operating company CG Elementum AG, specialized in digital and sustainable building, has reached an important milestone for the project “Rhein Lahn Living” in Lahnstein: On July 13, 2023, the city council of Lahnstein passed the necessary resolution for the development plan of the area around the Löhnberger Mühle.

A so-called ecobuilding quarter is to be created on the site, which covers around seven hectares – a modern, sustainable residential quarter which, in addition to residential buildings, is to include a senior citizens’ residence, commercial space, infrastructure and gastronomy. “Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent, from planning to construction and management,” explains Ronald Pofalla, COO of the Group.

To this end, in addition to the use of sustainable materials for the building structure, an almost CO2-free energy supply is planned for the entire quarter. An innovative energy design, including geothermal energy and solar green roofs, is expected to save up to 1,150 tons of CO2 annually. “With the passing of the zoning resolution, we have reached a milestone and can begin to profitably implement our sustainability concept for the site,” explains Marcus Hendle, who is responsible for the project as branch manager for Rhineland-Palatinate for CG Elementum. In addition to the energy supply, the focus is above all on the preservation of the monument substance in the middle of the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” World Heritage Site, which will be synergetically supplemented by new buildings with the involvement of the monument protection authorities and UNESCO.

At a public information event held last March, the plans met with a positive response from local residents, especially since the planned uses are primarily residential: Of the approximately 86,490 square meters (gross floor area), a large part (approximately 75,098 square meters) will be used for apartments, including condominiums, but also for affordable housing. Around 11,392 square meters are earmarked for small commercial units. In addition, generous green and open spaces are to be created within the neighborhood and along the banks of the Rhine, consisting of playground areas, among other things. In this respect, it is planned to offer a high-quality promenade for pedestrians and cyclists.

Following the decision to prepare the site, all the expert opinions required for the development and the subsequent urban development contract can now be commissioned. A development plan is expected in 2025/2026. The neighborhood is to be completed before the start of the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) Mittelrheintal in 2029.


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