22. December 2022

CG Elementum moves forward with “Greenville Karlsruhe”: Architectural competition starts after development plan comes into force

The development plan "Westlich der Erzbergerstraße zwischen New-York-Straße und Lilienthalstraße" came into force on December 16. This marks the start of the next phase of the "Greenville" neighborhood, which is being driven forward by the nationwide developer of residential and commercial real estate CG Elementum AG.

Meanwhile, demolition work on the site is expected to continue until the end of the first quarter of 2023. The first building permit for construction site 8 is also to be applied for during this period; three architectural firms have been commissioned for the planning here.

Dr. Tobias Schnaidt, head of the Karlsruhe branch: “The first Europe-wide architectural competition is now also starting. The reason for and purpose of this competition is the object planning as well as the concept for the associated open spaces for the new residential and commercial building on construction site 12.” Information on the application and selection process is available electronically at www.aumass.de. SCHÖFFLER.stadtplaner.architekten from Karlsruhe in cooperation with the law firm Aleksandra Gleich from Mannheim are responsible for the procedural supervision and preliminary examination.

Since 2010, ideas for the conversion of the areas formerly used by the American armed forces have been conceived for the development area in the northern part of Karlsruhe. On the northern part of the site, the creation of numerous apartments is planned in the course of a comprehensive revitalization. The goal of CG Elementum AG is to create affordable housing and a corresponding infrastructure in particular, while at the same time meeting the aspect of sustainability. For Greenville, CG Elementum is therefore working with Concept Green. This covers all measures and processes that sustainably reduce the CO₂ emissions of real estate. In concrete terms, this means for “Greenville”: climate-friendly energy solutions, sustainable materials and digital planning and control through BIM.

In total, the “Greenville” development will create more than 60,000 sqm of residential space, a good 25,000 sqm of commercial space, offices and creative spaces. Currently, CG Elementum AG assumes a project volume of around 500 million euros and a realization horizon until 2027.


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