30. September 2022

CG Elementum presents tenants with neighborhood development and sustainability concept for Plagwitzer Höfe

On Tuesday, 20.09.2022, a tenant information evening was held for the predominantly commercial tenants of the Plagwitzer Höfe Leipzig neighborhood. Silvio Petermann, Deputy Branch Manager Leipzig, and Jan Wohlleben, Project Manager for Neighborhood Development, presented the ConceptGreen, which summarizes all measures and processes for reducing CO2 emissions from our properties, to more than 80 interested tenants. In addition, the colleagues presented the specific pilot projects for CO2 reduction in the Plagwitzer Höfe.

The guests at the event were given insights into the measures for more sustainability in the neighborhood, such as the expansion of e-mobility or the integrative outdoor area design, which counteracts surface sealing and increases the quality of stay.   

A special highlight was the presentation of the CityBreeze by the cooperation partner Green City Solutions. The digital advertising steles with integrated CO2/air particle filter made of moss and hexagon-shaped benches will be installed in the Plagwitzer Höfe in the next few weeks. The stelae with a 75 inch screen offset up to 91 kg CO2 per stele annually and reduce particulate matter by up to 82%. They also cool and humidify the environment down to -4 degrees C, helping to improve the climate and increase the feel-good factor – especially in hot summers.  

“An informative kick-off event for the Plagwitzer Höfe commercial tenant community and our forward-looking neighborhood development. We are making great strides for more sustainability in the Plagwitzer Höfe – which also excites our tenants,” emphasized Silvio Petermann, Deputy Branch Manager Leipzig.   

Since 2007, CG Elementum has been developing and redeveloping modern and sustainable new and old buildings for residential and commercial space as well as spaces for art and culture in interconnected areas in the Plagwitzer Höfe. The Plagwitzer Höfe, about three kilometers west of Leipzig’s city center, are located in the urban district of Plagwitz, which has become the trendy neighborhood in Leipzig in recent years. The Plagwitzer Höfe are among the historic commercial courtyards in the Plagwitz district and have contributed significantly to this development. 

Martina Serwene

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