5. November 2020

Donation handover at the DRK’s Harburg-Huus

"Please stay at home, if possible." A well-known pandemic-related appeal that not everybody in Germany can follow. Not everyone has a home and too many people live on the streets. As a project developer in the real estate industry, we are very concerned about the issue of homelessness, which is why it is also a matter of concern to us to help here. For years, we have been supporting projects and organizations that tackle this problem.

One of these is the Harburg-Huus run by the German Red Cross in Hamburg-Harburg. Here, homeless people find a place of refuge around the clock, 365 days a year. The house on the Außenmühlenweg offers 15 beds for overnight stays in shared rooms, a day center, medical care, social counseling and much more. The team is committed to help homeless people find their way back into a regular everyday life. “Even during the Corona lockdown in March and in the situation that has now come to a head again, we have managed to maintain operations and at least provide basic services for our guests. We hope, of course, that we will continue to succeed,” explains Harburg-Huus director Thorben Goebel-Hansen.

The house receives no public funding and relies on donations. Therefore, the Gröner Group was delighted to support the facility with 62,500 euros. Together with Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube, patron of

the Harburg-Huus, Christoph Gröner personally stopped by for a visit. “Anyone living on the streets in the south of Hamburg can find a bed, a shower, a hot meal, advice and bring their dog here. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the weak in society and with this donation we are happy to contribute to ensuring that the Harburg-Huus remains open for people who do not have their own living space,” explained Christoph Gröner.

Karin Bischoff, deputy DRK board member, expressed her thanks: “During the pandemic, contact with donors has also become more difficult. We appreciate it all the more when supporters stand faithfully by our side and are aware of their social responsibility.” Christoph Gröner had already donated to the Harburg-Huus in the previous year. However, the donations made so far will not be the last, as the house continues to need support. The Gröner Group and Christoph Gröner himself would like to enter into long-term partnerships, because one-time funding is not enough in the long run.

We hope that we will be allowed to actively support the Harburg-Huus in person, as soon as the pandemic-related measures are no longer needed. Until then, we wish the team and the guests of the house all the best and look forward to this special partnership.


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