30. August 2022

Employees from Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig get involved

Finished – two wonderful campaigns for two wonderful institutions were successfully completed and we could not be happier about the social commitment of our colleagues..

The beginning of the next school year was getting closer and closer and with it the enrollment of many first graders. In Germany, the very first year of school is traditionally celebrated by gifting a school cone – a large cone-shaped present usually made of paper, cardboard, or plastic – but the means are not always there to give such a gift to the little ones. That’s why we collected money in our Leipzig branch so that the Tafel Leipzig could give their so-called “Tafel children” a school cone just in time for the first day of school. 150 Euro were collected and then topped up by CG Elementum! So the kids in Leipzig could take home a traditional cone filled with useful school supplies and are ready to start in the first grade.

The Social Commitment team also received an appeal for donations from Hamburg. The CaFée mit Herz is committed to helping people without means and until recently had a full inventory of clothes as many people took advantage of the period at home during the pandemic to skim their closets. Many items of clothing, shoes and other useful household textiles were sorted out and donated to charitable organizations. CaFée mit Herz was also happy to receive these donations, but as we transitioned back into a relatively “normal” everyday life, the institutions donation inventory became more and more empty. We wanted to change that and called for a donation drive in Hamburg and Berlin. The CaFée mit Herz sent a list of urgently needed items, which we passed on to our colleagues. Over the weeks, an incredible amount of donations and even financial means accumulated, which was then used to buy more drugstore items needed. In the end, we were able to fill the clothing inventory again.

We would like to thank our colleagues who donated so diligently!


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