22. November 2022

Green light for “Greenville Karlsruhe” – municipal council adopts resolution on statutes with broad majority

The Karlsruhe City Council has approved the development plan "Westlich der Erzbergerstraße zwischen New-York-Straße und Lilienthalstraße" by a large majority. This resolution also clears the way for the transformation of the so-called Area C into the "Greenville" quarter. The nationwide developer of residential and commercial properties CG Elementum AG is responsible for major parts of this revitalisation.

The development site is located in the northern part of Karlsruhe. Since 2010, ideas have been developed for the conversion of the areas formerly used by the American armed forces. On the northern part of the site, the construction of numerous apartments is planned in the course of a comprehensive revitalization. The aim is to create affordable housing and a corresponding infrastructure in particular, while at the same time meeting the aspect of sustainability, for which the local council has now given the green light.

“Our company-wide ConceptGreen will also be used for the Greenville,” announces Ulf Graichen, CEO of CG Elementum AG, explaining, “Under the umbrella term ConceptGreen, we combine all measures and processes that sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions of our properties: in planning, in material consumption, on the construction site and in permanent operation, i.e. in electricity consumption, heating and cooling. In concrete terms, this also means for the Greenville development: climate-friendly energy solutions, sustainable materials and digital planning and control through BIM.”

In total, the “Greenville” development is expected to create more than 60,000 square meters of residential space, a good 25,000 square meters of commercial space, offices and creative spaces. Currently, CG Elementum AG assumes a project volume of 600 million euros and a realization horizon until the mid/late 20s. The application for the first building permits is already planned for the coming months.


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