14. October 2020

New – and in its 15th edition: CG Magazine – simply elemental

Berlin. What’s in right now? Getting back to essentials! Which makes the new CG Magazine very much in line with current trends. This year, it is not only the minimalist layout of the magazine that is so compelling but also its publication date.

In usual times it is published in October to coincide with the Expo Real trade fair in Munich. But due to COVID, the event (entitled the Expo Real Hybrid Summit this year) was cancelled 36 hours before it was due to start. What remains is the 15th CG Magazine – simply enduring, simply elemental.

A magazine that speaks for itself

The magazine is published at a key turning point in the company’s history – under the aegis of the Gröner Group, we are harnessing more than 25 years of experience to undertake a radical shift from a traditional resource-consuming approach to a sustainable resource-conserving strategy for project development. In doing so, we are bringing economic, environmental and social interests into alignment.

If you haven’t yet got your hands on a physical copy of the magazine…

…you can also read it online, on the train, in a café or wherever happens to be convenient. Read about how we are implementing our concept of project development as a service here at the Gröner Group. Our property portfolio today covers more than 40 projects, and we are now a team of around 400 employees, spread across seven offices.

Press contact
Martina Serwene
T +49 30 7675948 1269
E presse@cg-elementum.de