9. January 2024

Partial reallocation plan for the Greenville project in Karlsruhe comes into force

• Construction activities can continue with immediate effect once it comes into force
• The aim is to increase the quota for subsidised housing by up to 40 per cent
• CO2-neutral management of the entire site planned

The nationwide company CG Elementum AG, which specialises in sustainable construction, can now continue with the development of the Greenville project in Karlsruhe’s Nordstadt district. The prerequisite for this is the partial reallocation plan, which is now legally valid. Originally, the partial reallocation plan was due to come into force in spring 2023. This delay was caused by objections in the development plan procedure.

“We are delighted to be able to press ahead with the Greenville project. In doing so, we are making an important contribution to providing necessary living space. The aim is to manage the neighbourhood in a CO2-neutral way,” says Ulf Graichen, CEO/CDO of CG Elementum AG.

Das Bebauungsplanverfahren ist im Frühjahr 2023 (Rechtskraft Satzungsbeschluss B-Plan war der 16.12.2022) eThe development plan procedure was successfully completed in spring 2023 (legal validity of the resolution on the development plan was 16 December 2022). This is a prerequisite for submitting building applications, unless competition procedures are specified as a prerequisite. Corresponding building permits are required before construction activities can begin. The building applications for various construction sites are in progress and are being coordinated with the building regulations office. CG Elementum AG has arranged competition procedures for various construction sites. The competition procedure for construction site 12 was successfully concluded in July 2023. We are now in the planning phase here. In order to start construction, the project partners Gröner Group are also in consultation with the project partner Quarterback, which has acquired building plots 6 and 2.1.

CG Elementum AG had previously completed all planned preparatory construction measures and associated demolition work. No further preparatory construction work is planned at this time and will only be carried out in connection with corresponding construction activities on the individual construction sites. In the meantime, standardisation proceedings have been initiated against the development plan by a third party. Once these proceedings have been clarified or concluded, construction activities can continue. We assume that the City of Karlsruhe will resolve the proceedings in the short term.

A quota for subsidised and affordable housing has been agreed for the project as part of the development plan process. CG Elementum AG is examining whether this proportion can be significantly increased as part of further project development. The aim is to create up to 40 per cent subsidised or affordable housing. Subsidies will be provided as part of the subsidy programmes provided by the federal and state governments for such projects. 

ecobuilding AG, the sister company of our holding company Gröner Group AG, has been commissioned to present an energy concept for the site. The aim is to ensure CO2-neutral management of the entire site and thus realise a sustainable project development. Here, too, recourse will be made to funding within the framework of the applicable KfW programmes.

All building land developments are being successfully advanced:

  • Anna Quartier / Munich-Karlsfeld with 56,000 m² GFA is expected to be approved in Q2/2024
  • Lia-Living / Augsburg with 55,000 m² GFA is expected to be approved in Q2 / 2024
  • Greenville / Karlsruhe with 94,000 m² GFA has been approved and the reallocation process is in full swing
  • Löhnberger Mühle / Lahnstein with 60,000 m² GFA has been approved for development
  • Residential development on the Strunde / Bergisch Gladbach with 68,000 m² GFA expected to be approved in Q2/2024
  • Braugold Areal / Erfurt with 27,000 m² GFA has been granted planning permission, and the acquisition of building rights is in full swing

Ongoing construction projects: 

  • Cologneo Campus MI5 / Cologne with 9,800 m² of office space is currently being completed 
  • Cologneo Campus MI4 / Cologne with 13,100 m² of office space and 377 multi-storey car parking spaces: Work will start once planning permission has been granted
  • Dudenstrasse 44 / Mannheim with 18,900 m² of office space: Construction will be completed in Q3/2024  
  • OTTO-Quartier Bauteile L-N-S / Wendlingen, revitalisation of 16,600 m² of commercial space is currently being driven forward at full speed. 
  • Hofgarten Karree / Karlsruhe with 166 residential units: to be fully completed in Q1/2024
  • Plagwitzer Höfe D17 / Leipzig with 105 residential units: Completion by Q3/2024
  • Bahrenfelder Carrée / Hamburg with 291 residential units: The contract was cancelled in agreement with the investor. Completion is carried out by the investor himself 
  • Chronicle / Erfurt with 122 residential units: completion of the residential units is in full swing

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