20. December 2020

Spreading Christmas joy in Berlin and Leipzig

For most of us, the traditional Christmas holiday consists of a festively decorated Christmas tree, under which lie beautifully wrapped gifts for the whole family. However, this idea is not the reality for everyone in Germany.

Just in time for the festive season, our colleagues in Berlin and Leipzig took part in two wonderful Christmas initiatives. Berlin took care of the Christmas trees, while Leipzig took care of the presents.

In many social facilities of Berlin Christmas greenery was simply missing because there is not always the budget for a fir tree, especially not in this extremely difficult situation in which we find ourselves currently. That is why we wanted to bring the Christmas spirit to these children and young people. The management and employees of CG Elementum donated so that Christmas trees and decorations could be handed out to these institutions. With this internal initiative we not only supported children and youths from Berlin institutions – we also supported another good cause along the way because the Gröner Group bought a total of 159 Christmas trees at this year’s Christmas tree market of Hertha BSC. For each tree sold, the Bundesliga club in cooperation with the Werderaner Tannenhof donated 5 EURO to Kolibri e. V., an association for children with cancer.

Since not every family has the means to make their children’s wishes come true at Christmas, our Leipzig colleagues made sure to help out in this matter. Every year the Tafel Leipzig, an association helping disadvantaged families with groceries, organizes a „Christmas wish tree initiative“. This annual campaign provides the possibility for the so-called “Tafel children” to write down their dearest wish for Santa Claus and hang it up on a Christmas tree, these wishes will then be fulfilled by those supporting this cause. Among those supporters are our colleagues from the Leipzig branch. It took less than 24 hours for all 50 gifts to be distributed to the colleagues. Wonderful commitment for a wonderful campaign!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues in Berlin and Leipzig. Without their commitment, this year’s Christmas would not have been quite so cheerful and green.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Martina Serwene
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