9. May 2022

The Art Dinner is back!

On May 6th 2022, after a forced break of 2 years the Bürgerstiftung Berlin (Citizens' Foundation Berlin) hosted their traditional Charity Art Dinner once again. In the Mercedes World at Salzufer, impressive art, a delicious dinner accompanied by inspiring words and lively sounds awaited the guests. CG Elementum was also present as a sponsor of the evening.

In addition to a speech by Vera Gäde-Butzlaff, chairwoman of the board of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin, the governing mayor of Berlin and patron of the event, Franziska Giffey, and many othewere also on stage that evening.

The Bürgerstiftung Berlin was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing long-term support for children, young parents and elderly people in senior citizens’ homes with the help of various projects. The foundation and its 500 volunteers work closely with schools, retirement homes, orphanages and health authorities. More than 10,000 children in 140 schools and daycare centers have already benefited from this needs-oriented project work.

“Good coexistence cannot be created by the state. We need people who get involved. That is the basic idea behind the community foundation.” Explains Wolfgang Thierse, patron of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin and former President of the Bundestag.

During the various courses of the dinner, impressive art pieces were auctioned off in a loud auction. Initially, about 260,000 euros were raised throughout the evening, and this sum was rounded up to 300,000 euros in total by CG Elementum through Christoph Gröner, who was in attendance.

We are a proud partner and sponsor of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin and this wonderful charity dinner. We are already looking forward to the next Art Dinner in 2024.


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