15. June 2023

The Fight to end homelessness

Homelessness in Germany is a serious issue. There are numerous reasons and personal setbacks that lead people to the streets. Returning to society under one's own strength often presents the affected individuals with nearly insurmountable challenges.

However, help cannot solely rest on our government, making it a societal responsibility to provide a pillar of support.

Within our corporate group, we are aware of this responsibility and want to assist, especially when it concerns the youth. Since 2015, the Gröner Group has been supporting charitable organisations like Off Road Kids. This foundation helps children and young adults who are affected by or at risk of homelessness. Through their street outreach network, the initiative sofahopper.de, and many other measures, they have already prevented more than 10,000 children and young adults from becoming permanently homeless.

The Off Road Kids team, however, does not rest; they tirelessly continue to work on new relief efforts to aid underprivileged youth. From a conversation with the foundation in Hamburg, the “Housing First” initiative emerged. Young adults are accommodated in furnished apartments and gradually reintegrated into society. The goal is to guide the residents toward a stable life within six months and enable them to stand on their own feet. The Gröner Group not only provides the apartments for this wonderful project but also the furnishings. Unfortunately, the housing market is tense, and those without means rarely secure housing.

For us this project is a step in the right direction in the fight against homelessness in our society. We are impressed by this remarkable initiative and are grateful for the longstanding close partnership with the Off Road Kids Foundation!


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