25. February 2021

The WKK supports children of artists

Corona has turned our society completely upside down. Many people have to face the disease on the front lines due to their work place, others are forced to take a break from their jobs. Especially, the arts and culture industry was struck hard by the pandemic

The cancellation of all face-to-face events has led to a major financial collapse, with severe economic consequences. Freelance artists in particular have suffered a loss in income of around 85% since March 2020.

The WKK, in collaboration with the actresses Victoria Trauttmansdorff and Theresita Colloredo, has launched the project “Corona or not Corona – children’s rooms cost rent”. The project is aimed at families working in the field of freelance arts, because despite their large financial shortfalls, the children must be taken care of and rents need to be paid.

“The closure of venues plunged many actors and actresses into crisis, as they experienced the almost complete loss of their income. For artists with children, especially single parents, this is a huge problem. And we don’t know how long theatres in Germany will have to stay closed. That’s why Theresita Colloredo and I have been thinking about how we can help our colleagues. We are very grateful that Wirtschaft kann Kinder is participating here with a total of 100,000 euros and is also taking over the organization,” explains Victoria Trauttmansdorff.

For both actresses, the project is a matter close to the heart. Already in the first lockdown, they provided opportunities for listeners and artists to experience a live performance over the telephone with their campaign “Bei Anruf Kunst” (“Art on the Phone”), and many donations were collected in the course of this. The current project now reaches even more people affected. Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V. is very pleased about this initiative. “Even in crises like this, there are companies that have to cope with only minor or no restrictions. I see it as the social duty of entrepreneurs to take care of those who suffer more from the crisis. Together with Dr. Rüdiger Grube and other entrepreneurs, I founded the association Wirtschaft kann Kinder so that this commitment has a home. We welcome new supporters,” invites the chairman of the association and Berlin entrepreneur Christoph Gröner.

A total of 352 children were supported with a one-time rent subsidy for their children’s room in the amount of 800 euros each. We hope that the pandemic will soon come to an end and that the actors will be able to return to the stage in the near future.


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