27. October 2022

An update on Ukraine relief measures

War has been raging in the Ukraine for 8 months now. Many Ukranians are still fleeing and seeking protection in neighboring countries, such as Germany. As a real estate developer, we saw it as our duty to help and to start where the need is greatest – provision of living space.

We could already make accommodation available in Berlin, Leipzig and Karlsruhe, another lease for premises for up to 100 people has also been signed in the Rosenower St. in Leipzig. After some final work, they could be handed over at the beginning of September.

In addition to the provision of accommodation, the furnishing of the living quarters and medical necessities were also taken care of. Not only the company participated in these relief measures, but also the employees supported these initiatives with donations and active commitment. Photos of the transports to the Ukrainian border reached us, as the medicines, food, hygiene articles and other medical items such as hospital beds and wheelchairs were brought to the border by volunteers.

Our initiatives did not go unnoticed: Ostap Gryshchuk, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, personally thanked us in a letter. The ongoing commitment of our employees makes us very proud – from the work on shelters, donations for furniture and urgently needed items, to the transportation to the country’s border. We want to give a big THANK YOU at this point!

We will continue to help Ukrainians and hope that this war will end soon.


Martina Serwene

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