Old and new united in high-calibre diversity

New mixed-use quarter with a residential focus

Elegant mix of heritage industrial buildings and new architecture

Opulent listed industrial heritage site transformed into new homes

Attractive work environment

The existing building at 2–10 Fiduciastraße lies in the district of Durlach in the eastern part of Karlsruhe and forms part of a mixed-use residential and commercial area. With its beautiful medieval old town and peaceful location, Durlach is a residential area in great demand. It also features several attractive locations for industry and commercial enterprise. The development is close to the centre and is well connected via a nearby motorway junction.

Attractive mixed-use concept

The existing building is being developed into a commercial property. Given its location on the edge of Karlsruhe’s south-western Grünwinkel district, with lots of peaceful parks and green spaces nearby, it offers a wonderfully satisfying work environment. The site is also very well connected to the surrounding Karlsruhe region, considered one of Europe’s foremost innovation centres and economic success stories.

Historic walls modern supplemented

New home for flexible office spaces

Modern residential quarter in a heritage building steeped in tradition

Gewerbestandort für junge UnternehmenCommercial location for start-ups

Revitalisation to create an appealing residential quarter

Modern offices with a historic station ambience

Spaces for an expanding city

Forward-thinking city quarter concept with high added value

Commercial quarter with 4 great arguments

Varied quarter on the outskirts of Munich

Stylish and comfortable living with outstanding views

Pioneering: BIM pilot project to create a modern city quarter

Residential quarter in a picturesque location

A group of buildings for modern living

Modernes Ensemble zum Arbeiern ensemble for living and working

Well connected

Diverse and sustainable urban neighbourhood development

Restoration of a structure with historic value

Conversion of former industrial spaces

Short distances on the banks of the Rhine